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We act as a conduit to get important issues brought before the right policy makers, returning power of consensus and respect to the people, “Your voice counts and we will make it heard”!

Here is Food for Thought!

Public Choice Theory

“The gist of this theory is that those who work in government, often referred to in the honorific terms as doing “public service,” are, contrary to widespread impression, just as much motivated by personal or self-interest as are people in the market place. In other words, politicians and bureaucrats pursue their own agendas, not those of “the public,” just as people in business do. And from this a number of interesting insights follow about the nature of government policy.” — Tibor Machan

Special Interests

Individual political decision-making can result in policy that conflicts with the overall desires of the general public. For example, many special interest and pork barrel projects are not the desire of the public. However, some politicians support these projects. Pork barreling makes them seem powerful and important. Maybe they speculate on a future lucrative career as a lobbyist. The project may be of interest to the politician’s local constituency by increasing district votes or campaign contributions. Politicians pay little or no cost to gain these benefits, for they are spending public tax money.

Let the Citizen Beware!


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